A Short Introduction to Forged Wrought Iron

Our medieval iron door hardware has a long and fascinating history.

From the time primitive man discovered that by heating iron ore to near melting, he could hammer the glowing ingots into tools, weapons, and structural shapes.

Our designs originated during the Moorish occupation of Spain, where the conquerors introduced the art of ironworking into Spanish culture.

From Spain, the art expanded throughout Europe wherever iron could be mined. Austria, having a large, readily available supply of ore became a mecca for ironworkers -- many, finding their way from Spain, brought the skills and designs acquired there.

The designs you see here were popular throughout Europe during the Holy Roman Empire and reflect that rich architectural culture.

We are pleased to present these beautiful items, forged in the Austrian Alps, for the beautification of your castle doors.

The descendants of the artisans seen here in a photo from the 1930’s, now operate a modern, family-owned manufacturing plant located at the foot of an ancient glacier in the Tyrolean District.